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Ceremony Scripts

All ceremonies must use the 2022 Revision

Ceremonial Team Recognition Program

To recognize ceremonialists, a hanging patch and pins are available for purchase. Ceremonialists need to acquire a requirement card, have requirements signed off, and present it at the Lodge trading post to purchase their respective hanging patch and pins.

To earn the patch and one pin:

  • You must perform as a principle character for at least two ceremonies. This must be signed by your ceremonial team advisor. Only two ceremonies performed at summer camp can be counted for this requirement, per summer.
  • You also must participate in an event to better yourself and your team. This can be either a ceremony based seminar, a chapter wide ceremony team meeting, or a ceremonial competition. Seminars at brotherhood bash will count for this requirement. This must be signed off by a chapter officer. What counts for this requirement is at the discretion of the chapter officers.

Each additional two ceremonies you perform, will earn you another pin, which must be signed off by your ceremonial team adviser. 

The patches and pins will be available for purchase at the trading post at all events where the Lodge Trading Post is open. If you have any questions about this program, please reach out to

Would you like to be a ceremonialist but don’t know where to start? You can sign up to be a ceremonialist here:

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