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Have You Paid This Year's Dues?

Dues help our lodge to function properly and allows you to attend all of our events, such as Winter Banquet, Spring Conclave, and Fall Reunion. Please pay your dues to be considered an active member in our lodge.

Pay Dues

Lodge Chief

Ethan Coble

Ethan Coble became the 89th Shawnee Lodge Chief on September 10th, 2022. An Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member from the New Horizons Chapter, Ethan has served as his chapter’s Second Vice Chief and the lodge’s Second Vice Chief. For the past few summers, he has also worked at Camp Famous Eagle. Ethan can be reached at

Lodge Officers

Ankit Goswami

First Vice Chief – Charged with Activities, Chapter Assistance, Unit Outreach, and Membership

Honor: Vigil

Rank: Eagle

Email Ankit

Ankit is advised by Robert Mcrath

Paige Brush

Second Vice Chief – Charged with Inductions, Journey to Brotherhood, Ceremonies, Elangomats, and Unit Elections

Honor: Brotherhood

Rank: Eagle

Email Paige

Paige is advised by Mike Flynn

Mason Pryor

Corresponding Secretary – Charged with communications such as the E-Lookout, Social Media, and the website.

Honor: Vigil

Rank: Eagle

Email Mason

Mason is advised by Nick Prainito

Eva Morie

Recording Secretary – Charged with recording lodge Business Details, Registration, and managing the Lodge Help desk.

Honor: Brotherhood

Rank: Life

Email Eva

Eva is advised by Mark Murray

Dylan Hulsizer

Treasurer – Charged with keeping track of Lodge Finances and the Lodge Trading Post

Honor: Brotherhood

Rank: Eagle

Email Dylan

Dylan is advised by Bobby Kaye and Josh Bright


Declan O’Leary, Membership Chairman
Tyler Thomas, Committee Member

Alex Heppermann, Committee Member


Adam Ruffing, Communications Chairman
Ethan Coutts, Website Lead
Josh Thomas, eLookout Lead
Chris Hunt, Social Media Lead


Luke Dielschneider, Trading Post Chairman
Xavie Akins, Committee Member
Matthew Stolze, Committee Member
David Lueck, Committee Member
John Grogan, Committee Member

Technology Support

Sam Bunn, Chairman


Lee Newburger, Inductions Chairman
Sydney Thurmond, Ceremonies Lead
Brandon Barrett, Elangomat Lead
Joe Miller, Journey to Brotherhood Lead

Charles Owen, Unit Elections Lead

Indigenous Relations

Friedrich Owen, Chairman
Steve Lutz, Adviser


Xavie Akins, Chairman

Dale Christiansen, Adviser


Matthew Caldwell, Chairman
Michael Flynn, Adviser – Nominations
Greg Wilke, Adviser – Ceremony


Matthew Caldwell, Chairman

Lodge Advisers

Grant Krull

Associate Lodge Adviser

Email Grant

Tim Weaver

Lodge Adviser

Email Tim

Matt Kaufman

Lodge Staff Adviser

Email Matt

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