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National Leadership Seminar, or NLS, is one of the greatest experiences an Arrowman can get in the Order of the Arrow. If you have attended or even staffed National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) here in our own council, you may doubt what NLS would really be offering you. Don’t be fooled. Even though you do not anticipate gathering much from the program, you learn more in those three days than what you can in three years at NYLT. This is a program for Arrowmen who truly want to refine their leadership skills and get ahead in life. The topics discussed, and the skills you learn at NLS will last you an entire life time.

This program takes the basic leadership skills used in the NYLT program and refines them into dynamic and analytic tools for both personal and professional use. Since this program was established and is still run by the Order of the Arrow and not the Boy Scouts of America, the principles of service, character, brotherhood, and cheerfulness serve as the foundation for the entire program. In scouting, there are many different training programs offered for all types of people, for all types of skills, and those training programs are great for covering ‘the hands and the head’, but NLS is different. NLS covers ‘the hands and the head’, but it also covers the heart. This program continually maintains a strong focus on personal development and it builds up personal character in a way that no other program in the nation does. That is why I strongly believe in National Leadership Seminar program.


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