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Have You Paid This Year's Dues?

Dues help our lodge to function properly and allows you to attend all of our events, such as Winter Banquet, Spring Conclave, and Fall Reunion. Please pay your dues to be considered an active member in our lodge.

Pay Dues

Beyond Brotherhood Program

The Beyond Brotherhood Program is a award system that recognizes Arrowmen who are Brotherhood or Vigil who continue to stay active going to lodge events. The first time a recipient gets the “Silver Beyond Brotherhood.” and for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. the recipient will receive the “Gold Beyond Brotherhood.” The Silver and Gold Beyond Brotherhood is a pin that Arrowmen can wear on there uniform, usually on the lodge flap, not on a sash.

To download the requirement cards for the beyond
brotherhood program, click on the respective arrowhead.

beyondgold1 beyondsilver1

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