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Welcome to the Order of the Arrow!

The Unit Representative Contact Form can be found at the bottom of this page.

The OA is the National Honor Society of the Boy Scouts of America. It is a program designed to recognize Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. The OA provides a positive and supportive environment for Scouts to learn and grow, and offers numerous opportunities for leadership development, service to others, and personal growth.

As a unit, there are many benefits to becoming involved with the OA. Here are just a few reasons why your unit should consider getting involved:

  • Leadership development: The OA provides numerous opportunities for Scouts to hold leadership positions and participate in the planning and execution of service projects and other activities. This helps Scouts develop important leadership skills and experience.
  • Service to others: The OA is known for its commitment to service, and as a unit, you can get involved in various service projects and initiatives in your community. This not only helps those in need, but also helps Scouts develop a sense of compassion and responsibility to others.
  • Personal growth: The OA provides a positive and supportive environment for Scouts to learn and grow. Through the various activities and events offered by the OA, Scouts can develop new skills, make new friends, and explore new interests.
  • Recognition: The OA is a prestigious honor society, and being a member is a great way for Scouts to be recognized for their dedication to the Scout Oath and Law.

We hope that your unit will consider getting involved with the OA. The leadership development, service opportunities, and personal growth experiences offered by the OA make it a valuable and rewarding program for Scouts.

Unit Positions

Unit OA Adviser

The adviser to the Unit Representative assists the youth representative so that he might succeed in his role as the communication and programmatic link between the unit and the lodge or chapter. The adviser helps to include the Order of the Arrow ideals and activities in the program of the troop. Be setting a good example, the adviser enhances the image of the Order as a service arm to the unit.


Unit OA Representative

The Order of the Arrow unit representative is a youth liaison serving between the local OA lodge or chapter and their unit. In their unit, they help meet the needs of the unit and will serve as a communication and programmatic link to and from Arrowmen, adult leaders and Scouts who are not presently members of the OA. They will do this in a fashion that strengthens the mission of the lodge, purpose of the OA, and the mission of the Boy Scouts of America. By setting a good example, they will enhance the image of the OA as a service arm to their unit.


Unit Representative Form

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