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Welcome to the next evolution of Check-In at Shawnee Lodge Events!

Starting at Spring Conclave members will use their membership cards to check into events. Each card has a barcode which will be scanned upon entry to camp. Event staff will be giving out wristbands and patches at check-in locations.

Vehicles entering camp will be directed down South, toward Emerson Center, then divided into three check-in lanes. Staff will be stationed at each lane ready to check members in. Each member in a vehicle should have their membership card ready to hand to staff for scanning. Ordeal members and those who did not bring their card will be searched through our database by their last name.

Vehicles towing a trailer will be directed through the trailer bypass. Like the other stations, a staff member will check-in each member in the vehicle. This bypass will remain two-way for exiting vehicles.

Anyone who did not pre-register for the event or is having issues checking in will be directed to park in the Emerson Parking and proceed to the help desk in the office.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Over the past several years, check-in lines have often become long and difficult for staff to manage as technology issues arise and become difficult to resolve amongst many sites. Project Velocity creates one check-in location, by Emerson Center. This allows our staff to get easy support from our technology team and quickly resolve questions and issues.

With the addition of barcodes to membership cards, we hope to streamline the process for members to get to their campsites sooner and start enjoying the weekend. Rather than trying to spell your last name in a loud environment, a simple scan and you’re checked in!

No, as long as you have registered for the event, you will be able to check in. Upon arrival, give your last name and our staff will verify your ticket and send you on your way.
Similar to members checking in who did not bring their card, you will provide your name to the staff and they will verify your registration.
Membership cards started mailing on April 9th. We understand that not all will be delivered by Spring Conclave. If you have not received your card at least 1 week after the event, your address may be wrong in our system. Keep an eye out on our Social Media and emails for a form to update your address.
No. The event staff are able to check-in every person in a vehicle.
The member(s) or candidate(s) you are dropping off will need to be checked in as you enter. As you leave, follow the road through the trailer by-pass area.
Already checked in members re-entering the camp should still proceed through the check-in lanes. Simply show your wristband or membership card, and our staff will once again verify your registration. This is to reduce confusion to other drivers.
Once check-in closes at 8:30 PM, registrants can still check-in at the Emerson Center Office, which serves as our Help Desk for the event.

Have additional questions? Contact our Help Desk at

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