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Jose Pompa

Lodge Peer Mentoring Chairmen


Create and foster a positive environment for advancement by using OA Youth Members to provide Peer Mentoring. The GOAL is to provide support and training for a Scout to earn First Class in their first year. Youth led youth training.



New Scouts from any source, cross-overs from Webelos, and new recruit’s.



On a District level the Peer Mentoring Program would use a one day training seminar style format. Each seminar would cover 6-10 Advancement Requirements needed for Tenderfoot through First Class. Each OA Mentor would cover two training topics, and the Scouts would rotate between the training areas. The system is similar to the Camporee layout, or Day Camp system.

Why Peer Mentoring?

Our goal is for Scouts to reach First-Class in their first year in Boy Scouts. Order of the Arrow youth members are the perfect mentors to help facilitate this goal. OA members are the National Honor Society of Veteran Campers in Scouting and are the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service. OA members provide thousands of hours of service to Council and the Community every year.
This is a perfect fusion of resources and need. The most experienced youth will mentor the youth with the greatest need.

Scouts that reach First-Class within the first year are far more likely to continue in Scouting, up to 70% continuation rate.

Scouts must be First-Class to be inducted into OA, or participate in High Adventure, or NYLT.

NOTE TO LEADERS: The OA Peer Mentors will not sign off on the rank advancement requirements in the Scouts Handbook. The Scouts will receive a note on what was covered to take back to their Unit Leadership. It will be up to the individual Unit Leaders how to apply this information.

Want More Information?

Email Jose for more information on the Peer Mentoring Program.

Sample Peer Mentoring Program

1. Knot tying: How to tie two half hitches and taut-line hitch. Discuss uses.
2. Flag Ceremony: Demonstrate how to raise, lower and fold the American Flag.
3. Buddy System: Explain and Discuss.
4. First Aid: Choking
5. Map and Compass: How a compass works, orient a map, map symbols.
6. Fire Building: Tinder, kindling, and fuel.
7. Fire Building: Building different types of fires.
8. First Aid: Demonstrate what to do in “Hurry” cases such as serious bleeding, stopped breathing, and ingested poisoning.
9. Leave No Trace: Explain and Discuss.
10. Lashing: Demonstrate examples, discuss uses. Make a camp gadget.

The Peer Mentoring Program can also be used by individual Troops as needed. OA Mentors would volunteer to attend the Units meetings as part of the program for New Scouts. The Program and requirements covered can easily be tailored to the needs of the New Scouts.

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