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The Lodge Executive Committee voted on 1/24/2023 to discontinue the Pre-Ordeal Makeup event.

All candidates whose unit does not attend Camp Gamble or Famous Eagle will be required to complete their Pre-Ordeal ceremony and sleepout Friday night at either Fall Reunion or Spring Conclave (this must be done the same weekend as their Ordeal).

Alternatively, if a unit desires to have its candidates do their Pre-Ordeal and sleepout at S bar F over the summer, this may be done at a Thursday Night ceremony during the regular camp session.
With that, the candidates would attend the callout ceremony prior to the Pre-Ordeal. If the unit elects to do this, the Ranch Director must be notified at the S bar F Scout Ranch (573-756-5738) at least one week prior to the call-out you wish to attend.

To help accommodate units from farther away, who may not be able to arrive at S-F that early for Fall Reunion, we have pushed the Pre-Ordeal ceremony start time to around 10:00-10:30 pm at that event.

If you have any questions, please contact

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