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Have You Paid This Year's Dues?

Dues help our lodge to function properly and allows you to attend all of our events, such as Winter Banquet, Spring Conclave, and Fall Reunion. Please pay your dues to be considered an active member in our lodge.

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The Lodge Executive Committee voted on 1/24/2023 to discontinue the Pre-Ordeal Makeup event.

All candidates whose unit does not attend Camp Gamble or Famous Eagle will be required to complete their Pre-Ordeal ceremony and sleepout Friday night at either Fall Reunion or Spring Conclave (this must be done the same weekend as their Ordeal).

Alternatively, if a unit desires to have its candidates do their Pre-Ordeal and sleepout at S bar F over the summer, this may be done at a Thursday Night ceremony during the regular camp session.
With that, the candidates would attend the callout ceremony prior to the Pre-Ordeal. If the unit elects to do this, the Ranch Director must be notified at the S bar F Scout Ranch (573-756-5738) at least one week prior to the call-out you wish to attend.

To help accommodate units from farther away, who may not be able to arrive at S-F that early for Fall Reunion, we have pushed the Pre-Ordeal ceremony start time to around 10:00-10:30 pm at that event.

If you have any questions, please contact

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