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Thank you for visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page. This page is updated frequently with questions. If you have a question about something that isn’t on this page, please contact us.

Coronavirus Changes

Can other members of my troop attend induction weekends?

Due to coronavirus guidelines, we are not able to have anyone else besides the candidate attend induction weekends. More information on guidelines that the lodge will be following can be found under the rules and regulations section at

When can I earn my brotherhood?

The Lodge currently plans on having those who are wanting to earn their brotherhood at Spring Conclave. More information on brotherhood requirements can be found at

Event Registration

Where can I find my OA Member Number?

Your OA Member Number is the same as your BSA Member ID, which is located on your membership card.  If you have questions or encounter issues with registering, please contact

How do I register for an event with a season pass?

Season Pass holders will need to register with the code sent to their emails. Registration instructions were emailed out to season pass holders at the start of registration for the event.  If you have questions, or didn’t receive the registration email, please contact us at


What should I do if I need to transfer my membership from another lodge?

Please email One of our advisors will get back to you and let you know what you need to do to transfer your membership

What events count for brotherhood requierments?

For Brotherhood, an Ordeal Member must attend one Chapter Meeting, one Lodge Event, and one Service Project. Chapters hold meeting in August, November, February, and May. The Lodge puts on events such as Fall Reunion and Spring Conclave. More information on lodge events can be found at For the Service Project, it must be a service project approved by the LEC. Please talk with a chapter or lodge officer if you have any questions on if a service project counts towards brotherhood. More information on brotherhood can be found at

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