Upcoming Events

Winter Banquet – December 17th

2018 NOAC – July 30th – August 4th

Arrowman Experience – February 24th

Spring Conclave – April 13th – 15th

One Day of Service – May 5th

Section Conclave – August 24th – 26th

Fall Reunion – September 7th – 9th

2018 Membership Dues

Pay your 2018 dues today! Annual Dues are $10 per member.

You do not owe dues for 2018 if you either a) completed your Ordeal at the 2017 Fall Reunion or b) completed your Brotherhood anytime during 2017.

The Shawnee Season Pass will be offered again in 2018.  The pass is $45 and covers admission to the 2018 Arrowman Experience, 2018 Spring Conclave, 2018 Fall Reunion, and 2018 Winter Fellowship Banquet. If you buy a Season Pass, your dues are included in the pass.  You do not need to pay for them separately.