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Lodge Chief

Michael Colletti

Michael Colletti became the 86th Shawnee Lodge Chief on September 7th, 2019. A Vigil Honor member from the New Horizons Chapter, Michael became involved in the Order as an Ceremonialist and once he got his brotherhood he wanted to make a difference. He was elected in his chapter as Second Vice Chief followed by Chapter Chief before stepping into the Lodge level. Michael can be reached at

Lodge Officers

Adian Hammond

First Vice Chief – Charged with Program, Service details, and Camp Promotion

Honor: Vigil

Rank: Life

Email Adian

Jordan Brakefield

Second Vice Chief – Charged with Ceremonies,  Service projects, the Elangomat program, and OA Troop Representatives

Honor: Vigil

Rank: Eagle

Email Jordan

Sam Bunn

Corresponding Secretary – Charged with communications such as the E-Lookout, Social Media, and the website.

Honor: Vigil

Rank: Eagle

Email Sam

RJ Jackson

Recording Secretary – Charged with recording lodge Business Details and Registration.

Honor: Vigil

Rank: Eagle

Email RJ

Joe Milller

Treasurer – Charged with keeping track of Lodge Finances and the Lodge Trading Post

Honor: Brotherhood

Rank: Life

Email Joe

Camp Promotion

TBD, Chairman

Chapter Assistance

TBD, Chairman

TBD, Adviser


Paige Brush, Chairman

TBD, Adviser


Luke Hudson, Chairman


TBD, Social Media Lead
TBD, Social Media Manager
TBD, Social Media Manager
Sam Bunn, Website Lead
TBD, Website Assistant
Tim Weaver, Website Adviser
Nick Prainito, eLookout Creator


Noble Hudson, Chairman


TBD, Adviser


TBD, Chairman

Trading Post

TBD, Chairman

TBD, Adviser


TBD, Chairman


Thomas Wilson, Chairman

Mike Yarbrough, Service Adviser

Peer Mentoring

TBD, Chairman

Troop Representative

TBD, Chairman


Levi Mills, Chairman

David Gentle, Adviser


Gavin Knapp, Chairman

Greg Wilke, Adviser

Founders Award

Levi Mills, Chairman

Tim Weaver, Adviser


Needed, Chairman

Lodge Master

Ben King, Chairman


Matt Traum, Chairman

TBD, Adviser

Lodge Advisers

Bob Veenstra

Lodge Adviser

Email Bob

Tony Fouts

Lodge Staff Adviser

Email Tony

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